Prescription Refill

If you have been given a prescription through our office and you have run out of refills with the pharmacy you will need to contact the pharmacy and ask them to send us a prescription refill request. We will need 48 hours for refills. If you request a refill at the end of the day the 48 hours will start the following business day. Please remember that requests sent on Friday's may not be addressed until Monday, although, we will do our best to get it done.

Please do not call our after hours lines for prescription refills as this is used for emergency/urgent situations only. 

If you are wanting a new prescription or a change in dosage etc. then please call the office with details on why you would like the change so that we can contact you and see if it is reasonable to do or if you will need an appointment.

If you have a prescription at a pharmacy that you want moved to another pharmacy, please contact the new pharmacy and have them transfer the prescription for you. We will not write a new prescription just for a new pharmacy. 

Keep in mind if you haven't been in to see us in over a year and are overdue for an annual exam we will not be able to refill or send in a prescription for you without seeing you first.